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You can contact me in two different ways:



  • OR email me directly (information sent over the internet in this way cannot be completely secure/confidential).



Privacy policy - your personal information


All of your information will only be used by me for the purpose of providing psychotherapy. To store your information, I use a highly secure, electronic record system called bacpac – you can find out more about it at www.bac-pac.co.uk/faqs. Whenever you send me information by email or telephone, I will transfer this information to bacpac and then delete your email or text message. This website does not use 'cookies', but other sites you reach by following links may do so.


I will not routinely share your information with anyone else- it will be held securely and confidentially, as long as is required by law. The main exceptions to my duty of confidentiality are dictated by current UK law and include serious crime, acts of terrorism or imminent risk of serious physical harm to you or another person. Wherever possible, I will seek your consent and explain the reasons for disclosing confidential information.


Your information is thus both protected by and may be accessed according to UK law, including the Data Protection Act 1998, Freedom of Information Act 2000, and Access to Health Records Act 1990. For further details, you can view my entry in the Information Commissioner's Office data protection register (number ZA156692), and please don't hesitate to contact me with any of your questions.